Happiness at Last!

The INTEGRAL LIFE CHANGE process is all about CONNECTING WITHIN to see differently, and choose anew. We ignore the very skills that make this easy, and are conflicted about the goals we most want. This service focuses on this, to enhance clarity, and re-connection to the strengths we already have.


“Possibility exists in every adversity.”  Lailah Gifty Akita


Don’t make changing your life complex. It isn’t. But it does need your help.

Suffering is universal. So is fear, uncertainty, and conflict. Great effort is applied to our lives, to be happy, but the result is temporary at best. Somehow the world never gives us what we TRULY WANT.

 In the back of our minds, we know what we truly want;




Little do we know, or consciously realise, we put a lot of energy into just the opposite.

This RESISTANCE creates CONFLICT. Conflict creates suffering. Conflict is when what we truly want, does not correspond to EXPERIENCE.

 The only option is to CHOOSE what we truly want, or defend against what we don’t. Most often the DECISION is the latter choice. The worst possible choice. To establish a worthiness we don’t believe we have, we defend by making the world unworthy, and thus become trapped in a belief system that is rooted in FEAR.



People think it's the flames that make hell unbearable. It's not...

 This only creates more fear, because a defense cannot ultimately defend. Defenses do not foster strength, but weakness. The origin of this whole conundrum is not our fault. We were born into a world where this is the dominant belief system, and have learned we can be hurt, so must protect ourselves. In doing so misperception rules, because we seek possible threat everywhere, mostly imaginary. But imaginary as it is, it teaches us that we need to shore up our defences even more! And so we have become vigilant in the need to “keep safe”.

 This would be OK, if the threat were real, but surely it is obvious that the end result is not safety, but STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, GUILT, and UNWORTHINESS. It becomes a vicious cycle, and in being trapped we lose the ability to experience what is most fulfilling; LOVE. Yes even LOVE, becomes a threat, for love requires complete surrendor, no defences, and unconditional acceptance. Unconditional acceptance, and suspicion of threat do not mix, any more than oil and water.

 So it is one thought system, or another. Each is complete in itself. I suspect that with one we will NEVER be happy.

I KNOW there must be a better way! The TRUTH is, there not only is a better way — but you can have it RIGHT NOW. The blocks to this truth have a lot of energy and investment in maintaining it’s validity. Hence there is enormous RESISTANCE, and massive fear around letting it go. We have convinced ourselves that the defences of ATTACHMENT, JUDGEMENT, and DENIAL, have worked for us, and if not, will surely do so, if enough energy is invested in them. They NEVER will serve us, or establish the goals that we truly want. NEVER. But the good news is, that we simply made a mistake in trusting them.

 To even slightly accept this, is to begin to heal, our minds. THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY. The better way is to release all defenses, and “see” with new eyes. See truly. And it is a journey of trust. I must jump into what was unknown without a parachute. The beauty is that there is no ground to crash into. Yet every fibre of our being tells us otherwise.


 So in order to change our thinking, the first step is to entertain;


 The second step is;


 The third step is to surrendor by;

 -RELEASING PAST because for the most part it has failed to serve you.

-EMBRACING PRESENT as the present if truly experienced can hold no defenses.

-ALLOWING the FUTURE without the judgement that the threat of loss or abandonment might bring.

 Within us, are all the INNER SKILLS, and EMPOWERED STRENGTHS, that make this possible. However the foundation must be set. Do not resist this golden opportunity, but invest in the qualities that set the whole change in perception in motion.




 Why would you resist FREEDOM, PEACE of MIND, and CERTAINTY, if you knew they were truly within reach. YOU WOULDN’T OF COURSE. The choice is yours. The neverending “SEEKING but not FINDING”, can be over, simply by seeking HAPPINESS where it can never be found.

 Now you WILL seek with new eyes, open eyes, and a willing heart. As Jesus said, “Do not be afraid, for I am with you”. It is not necessary to believe in Jesus to understand this, for your INNER SELF is that TRUTH.

 Your INNER SELF longs to;

 LOVE and be LOVED,


KNOW and be KNOWN.


 You will find LIFE, and know that what you experience now, can never satisfy. What you have now is life of a sort, but so limited, that your worthiness is affected, and your efforts dispirited from whu you TRULY ARE.





The goal is the INTEGRAL STATE, or HAPPINESS to put it simply.

I have never met a person yet where this does not mean; Freedom, Peace of Mind, and Certainty.


The Integral Life Change Process aims to restore the resources you already have within to make change happen. It is more about being learning to be empowered, with the skills and strengths you already have, rather than learning a technique.
Every problem you face, be it STRESS, ANXIETY, or DEPRESSION is related to your perception of it.
To CONNECT WITHIN to our INNER RESOURCES bypasses the problem, to the place where you can CHANGE ANYTHING.

And there you have it, It isn’t rocket science. The reason anything is achievable is that within YOU, IS the power to achieve ANYTHING!

Our INNER SKILLS of MIND, HEART, BREATH, ENERGY, when aligned, and with a single purpose become breathtakingly powerful.

At MINDwell we want this FOR YOU!

That is our mission, our purpose, our sole reason for

existing as a business is to HELP YOU!

New Website — www.MINDwell.online


Why ONLINE Counselling/Coaching

The effects of online psychotherapy outlasted the results of face-to-face counseling

A University of Zurich study divided a group of 62 patients in half and found that depression was eased in 53 percent of those given online therapy, compared to 50 percent who had in-person counseling. Three months after completing the study, 57 percent of online patients showed no signs of depression compared to 42 percent with conventional therapy.

– Journal of Affective Disorders, 2013

Online therapy significantly lowered the number of hospital visits among veterans.

In a four-year Johns Hopkins study that included close to 100,000 veterans, the number of days that patients were hospitalized dropped by 25 percent if they chose online counseling. This is slightly higher than the number of hospital visits experienced by patients who used face-to-face counseling.

– Psychiatric Services, April 2012

A Canadian study shows that online therapy delivers the same satisfaction at slightly less the cost.

Patients in Ontario, Canada were assigned to face-to-face or live video counseling and experienced statistically the same clinical outcome and level of patient satisfaction. The only difference was that the cost of providing the online service was 10% less per patient.

– American Psychiatric Association, 2007

Online therapy may be an efficient way to provide PTSD treatment to a large group of people.

A pilot study compared the effectiveness of online cognitive behavioral therapy and in-person supportive therapy in 45 Defense service members suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the September 11th attack. After eight weeks those receiving online therapy showed greater improvement. Six months after their first meeting those who had received online therapy continued to show improvement, in direct contrast to the in-person group.

– American Journal of Psychiatry, November 2007


Enhance your own Inner Resources to Change Anything Online / Anytime. Perfect for Anxiety, Stress, or Depression. For a complete pdf brochure click HERE


My name is Dr. Eddie Barnett, and I have been a LIFE CHANGE CONSULTANT at MINDwell, for over 10 yrs. I have been a medical practitioner for over 30 years, so I have seen and heard most issues, experienced and helped out with most problems people have, with LIFE CHANGE, and I understand CONFIDENTIALITY. I understand it seems difficult. I understand it is hard to move forward, without support.
(Integral Counselling enhances the inner strengths we already have, that are used inefficiently, or ignored altogether. This “Wisdom Within”, can answer any questions, heal any problem, and address any need. The outcome is FREEDOM, PEACE of MIND, and CERTAINTY.)

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