The 4 INNER SKILLS– practical

The INTEGRAL LIFE CHANGE process is all about CONNECTING WITHIN to see differently, and choose anew. We ignore the very skills that make this easy, and are conflicted about the goals we most want. This service focuses on this, to enhance clarity, and re-connection to the strengths we already have.

“Possibility exists in every adversity.”  Lailah Gifty Akita


Don’t make changing your life complex. It isn’t. But it does need your help.



Acknowledge; You have to acknowledge the recurring thoughts . Accept; Don’t judge, don’t alter, don’t analyze, and don’t feel guilty about thinking. Simply accept unconditionally, that these thoughts have come up. Recognise; Everyone does absolutely the best they can in the circumstances and conditioning they find themselves. How do we forgive? Let Go; Look hard at the recurring thoughts with Awareness as a witness, not getting wrapped up in the story, but just witnessing them in Awareness. Hold the thoughts and emotions in Awareness. Be the gentle, unoccupied, choiceless awareness. Fully experience them. Give them space. Give them even more space. Let go.


 What did you notice/experience? Stop fighting with your present-moment’s reality. Sit with the emotion, reassuring yourself you are perfectly safe. Let the energy of it recede like a wave.


 In the first stage; You use counting to stay focused on the breath. After the out-breath you count one, then you breathe in and out and count two, and so on up to ten, and then you start again at one. In the second stage; You subtly shift where you breathe, counting before the in-breath, anticipating the breath that is coming, but still counting from one to ten, and then starting again at one. In the third stage; You drop the counting and just watch the breath as it comes in and goes out. In the final stage; The focus of concentration narrows and sharpens, so you pay attention to the subtle sensation on the tip of the nose where the breath first enters and last leaves the body.


What is the problem? Is there anything else you need to learn about it? Do you need to ask for help? Who will you ask? What is you decision/action?



Identity is the willingness to see who I AM differently.

Your IDENTITY involves ACCEPTANCE of all that is true, your WISDOM comes from the RELEASE of all that is not.

 IDENTITY represents RELEASE, or understanding without attachment.

 The CORRECTION lies in correcting RESISTANCE, and letting the past go. with FORGIVENESS.

Your Worthiness is a fact.It is revealed by seeing the world without judgement55.

It is not necessary to understand the implications of living in a state of total worthiness, and acceptance at first. Understand however, that even if it was remotely possible, would you not make all effort to go there?

 Trust me, it is not only possible, but true.


The goal is the INTEGRAL STATE, or HAPPINESS to put it simply.

I have never met a person yet where this does not mean; Freedom, Peace of Mind, and Certainty.


The Integral Life Change Process aims to restore the resources you already have within to make change happen. It is more about being learning to be empowered, with the skills and strengths you already have, rather than learning a technique.
Every problem you face, be it STRESS, ANXIETY, or DEPRESSION is related to your perception of it.
To CONNECT WITHIN to our INNER RESOURCES bypasses the problem, to the place where you can CHANGE ANYTHING.

And there you have it, It isn’t rocket science. The reason anything is achievable is that within YOU, IS the power to achieve ANYTHING!

Our INNER SKILLS of MIND, HEART, BREATH, ENERGY, when aligned, and with a single purpose become breathtakingly powerful.

At MINDwell we want this FOR YOU!

That is our mission, our purpose, our sole reason for

existing as a business is to HELP YOU!

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Why ONLINE Counselling/Coaching

The effects of online psychotherapy outlasted the results of face-to-face counseling

A University of Zurich study divided a group of 62 patients in half and found that depression was eased in 53 percent of those given online therapy, compared to 50 percent who had in-person counseling. Three months after completing the study, 57 percent of online patients showed no signs of depression compared to 42 percent with conventional therapy.

– Journal of Affective Disorders, 2013

Online therapy significantly lowered the number of hospital visits among veterans.

In a four-year Johns Hopkins study that included close to 100,000 veterans, the number of days that patients were hospitalized dropped by 25 percent if they chose online counseling. This is slightly higher than the number of hospital visits experienced by patients who used face-to-face counseling.

– Psychiatric Services, April 2012

A Canadian study shows that online therapy delivers the same satisfaction at slightly less the cost.

Patients in Ontario, Canada were assigned to face-to-face or live video counseling and experienced statistically the same clinical outcome and level of patient satisfaction. The only difference was that the cost of providing the online service was 10% less per patient.

– American Psychiatric Association, 2007

Online therapy may be an efficient way to provide PTSD treatment to a large group of people.

A pilot study compared the effectiveness of online cognitive behavioral therapy and in-person supportive therapy in 45 Defense service members suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the September 11th attack. After eight weeks those receiving online therapy showed greater improvement. Six months after their first meeting those who had received online therapy continued to show improvement, in direct contrast to the in-person group.

– American Journal of Psychiatry, November 2007


Enhance your own Inner Resources to Change Anything Online / Anytime. Perfect for Anxiety, Stress, or Depression. For a complete pdf brochure click HERE


My name is Dr. Eddie Barnett, and I have been a LIFE CHANGE CONSULTANT at MINDwell, for over 10 yrs. I have been a medical practitioner for over 30 years, so I have seen and heard most issues, experienced and helped out with most problems people have, with LIFE CHANGE, and I understand CONFIDENTIALITY. I understand it seems difficult. I understand it is hard to move forward, without support.
(Integral Counselling enhances the inner strengths we already have, that are used inefficiently, or ignored altogether. This “Wisdom Within”, can answer any questions, heal any problem, and address any need. The outcome is FREEDOM, PEACE of MIND, and CERTAINTY.)

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